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  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of polyester fabric

    I. Advantages of polyester fabric: 1. Polyester fabric has high strength. The strength of staple fiber is 2.6 ~ BAI5.7 cN/ Dtex, and the strength of high-strength fiber is 5.6 ~ 8.0cN/ Dtex. Due to its low hygroscopic property, its wet strength and dry strength are basically the same. Its impact ...
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  • Hangzhou DRO Textile- Supplier of outdoor fabrics

    Hangzhou DRO Textile Co., Ltd. is a filament cloth fabrics, polyester cloth fabrics, Oxford cloth fabric, dyeing cloth fabrics, yarn-dyed fabric, acrylic fabric, taffeta fabrics, pongee spinning fabrics, yarn-dyed fabric and other products of professional production and processing company, our co...
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