What are the characteristics of polyester taffeta fabric

Taffeta is also called polyester taffeta, is a very common fabric in life, but in addition to professional people, ordinary people to his understanding is not clear, so we come to understand the characteristics of polyester taffeta.

taffeta fabric
Polyester taffeta fabric characteristics: Polyester taffeta is a traditional chemical fiber fabric, with good quality, durable and wear-resistant, cheap, easy to care and other advantages, people love. Especially after deep processing and application of coating process, the appearance of the cloth surface is greatly improved. In particular, the matte polyester silk is adopted. The fabric made of this fabric has a softer color and attractive appearance, which is suitable for making casual wear, sportswear and children’s wear. The variety of colors adds to the seductive charm. Matte polyester taffeta is accepted because of its bright appearance and low price, polyester taffeta can be made into jackets, umbrellas, cars, sports clothes, handbags, luggage lining, sleeping bags, tents, shower curtains, tablecloths and so on. Poly Taffeta is a kind of traditional chemical fiber fabric. It has been popular for some time, but sales have declined with the addition of a new crop of synthetic fabrics. In recent years, polyester taffeta fabric with matte silk, and with colorful new characteristics into the market. They use matte polyester yarns, which are softer and more attractive. It is suitable for making casual clothes sportswear for children. There are dozens of colors, the upper body is very fashionable, added to the seductive charm. Matte polyester taffeta is easy to accept because of its bright appearance and low price. *** near, high density anti feather taffeta has a unique charm. Full of energy. It has also become a thin lint-proof fabric that people seek from the original plain folder. Its “290T or more polyester taffeta” has been accepted by many clothing manufacturers. The specifications of the products are 290T 300T 320T, etc. The polyester filament materials involved are all semi-gloss FDY48D/48F 50D/48F, etc., which are obviously better than before in the market.

Polyester taffeta

Due to the sale of down jackets, the downstream water jet braided “290T + temperature special *** dragon” is used for oil and mirrors behind the down jacket fabric, as well as for the lining of the down jacket with an anti-feather coating. The warp and weft are made of polyester semi-blunt FDY50D/48F and plain weave on the water jet loom. It is interleaved according to (290T or above) specifications. The fabric is flabby. Alkali reduction for dyeing soft plastic and other processes, according to customer needs, pressing and flocking and other special finishing process, the product has uniform texture, thin and soft, smooth and delicate surface, not crunching and not fouling characteristics, can not only do men and women’s sports leisure fabric is the ideal lining of winter down jacket. They are beautiful and mellow, with a modern style. The width of fabric is 160 cm. Because of the high density of F, the polyester taffeta style is very comfortable to wear, so it is very popular. Therefore, the semi-extinction 48D/48F 50D/48F 68D/48F on the polyester yarn market is very popular, and the polyester yarn price has risen moderately.

Post time: Nov-09-2020